Nothing Like a Deadline …

Shot my last few images last week, finalising the publication which was designed by the fantastic Siobhan O’Carroll, images gone to print, process book made and ordered. Left to figure out how to play a HD movie on a flat screen TV with minimal equipment and cost, and that’s about it.

Nothing like a deadline to force a bit of closure on things.

All in all, I had ten participants work with me to the end, and bless their patience. Each person done a fashion recreation, along with two other photographs, video and audio interviews. The show itself will have ten of the fashion recreations, ten images of each person engaging with their own reflection in a mirror, a process table and a video piece – and a little place for conversation to bubble.

Opens Thursday Sept 1st at Draíocht in the downstairs gallery. I’m giving a talk at 6pm, the show opens at 7pm. All welcome.

Anne F. 2011

Eddie McG. 2011

Lilian H. 2011

Deirdre & Fran O. 2011

Michael T. 2011

Mary T. 2011

Bernadette G. 2011

Vincent O'R. 2011

Bettie S. 2011

Monica F. 2011

The exhibition continues until Saturday November 5th. What’s your favorite?



Lady in Red

This is the latest in the series of reconstructions. It was probably the most difficult, and if I had a hat I would take it off to Sorcha McClenaghan who made the dress for the shoot. Makeup was done by Celene O’Connor, styling by Sorcha and modeled by the Owens couple of 45+ years, Deirdre and Fran.

Lady in Red

That’s one killer look Deirdre.


Guys n Dolls

Almost done now. September 1st is looming.

I had hoped the catalogue would be something that documented the entire project, participation, dialogue and interaction that’s happened over the past year and a half. Budgets are tight so I’m praying for a kind printer. I’ve had so many cups of tea, home made treats, sandwiches, chats and laughs in my many meetings with the ten participants that stuck with me to the end. Here are some more of the recreated fashion shoots.

Bettie S.

This is a shoot we done way back in February, but it’s only getting aired now. I don’t have any shots of the lovely Bettie getting dolled up. Make-up was by Audrey Corrigan and Emma Moffat from IADT. Styling was done by Niamh Hogan.


Betty S.

Eddie McG.

The first man to don the make-up. Eddie’s a pro and didn’t flinch. We were going for a James Dean look. Thanks to the guys in Jamestown Studios, Denise Murray who done make-up, Sorcha McClenaghan for the styling and Eddie the man for being the first male guinea pig.

Eddie McG.

Mary T.

There were wigs for everyone in this shoot. Thanks to the lovely lady in Hairspray on Wicklow St, to Liam at the Transport Museum in Howth, to Ciara Kerins who done make-up, Sorcha McClenaghan for styling and to the lovely Mary for accommodating us.

Mary T.

I’ve always relied on the kindess of strangers – Tennessee Williams, thanks all.


Poem in the Post

Today, I received a poem in the post.

Garvan, I drove away with this permit … enclosed piece I wrote a while back – Interested? I’m not clear about what you have in mind. Enjoyed the ‘shoot’. Somewhat of a hoot! But everyone was so professional. Will you give me a buzz? Regards to Freddy & Kevin. Monica A.


Now in Autumn Years
Such a good time to glance back –
Relive those moments of joy, pain, tears, laughter
Each day a precious gift –
Full of wonder and gentle surprises –
To be savoured so much more fully
Because of my own maturing.
No need to rush –
To fill each hour with sixty new experiences –
A true appreciation of ‘ordinary’ things – familiar situations.
Wines: sipped not gulped – less frequent – more fine.
Food: ‘Less’ being really ‘more’.
Friends: so valued – rarer – pure gold
Love: Everlasting …

Would I turn back the clock?
Childhood? Adolescence?
The dizzy merry-go-round of my 20’s?
The challenges of my 30s, 40s, 50s –
My more reflective 60s?


Now, being 70-something
I have come home to myself.
A new starting-point
To continue the adventure of Life’s Journey
On different levels –
within the heart of the now ‘me’
In the vastness of the universe and its tantalising mystery
The one the more immense, mysterious,
The other even more profound
Oh! How glad I am to still have the passion
To Reach for the Stars …

© Monica-Ann Dunne

Poem in the Post


Just Monica

We had fun with Monica, but I’m guessing most people do. She was a bit shocked at seeing her face in 1920’s make-up, done by Michael Ryan and Ailbhe Fitzpatrick from the LA Academy. Her reaction noted below.


Styling was done by Sorcha McClenaghan. Wonder if there were any anti-fur activists around in the twenties?

A very elegant Monica.

Just Monica