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My Way Installation / Draíocht 2011

A quick post to show the installation of the exhibition at Draíocht in Blanchardstown. Lots of positive feedback in the visitors book, but alas no reviews. I might have to sleep with someone … no skip that.

The show ends on November 5th. Grab a nice (free) copy of the publication before they’re all gobbled up.

Eddie McG

Bettie S.

Anne F.

Where Do You Think You're Going (HD Video)

Monica A.D


Bernadette G.

Deirdre & Fran O.

Vincent R.

My Way Installation

You may wonder why the green furniture? Donated by Dublin Auction Rooms, the purpose was to facilitate the continuation of conversations and personal feelings on growing older, that were abundant during the making of this work.

A process table has two books, one which is essentially a brief synopsis of the process and extracts from my visual notebook. A copy of the publication is also available.

Process Table

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table


In the absence of any review, I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment …




Today with PK

Paddy O’Gorman came out to the opening last night, with his dog, and talked about the show on Pat Kenny this morning. Don’t think he quite got the show however. So much positive things being said, yet he lingered on some negatives. Judge for yourself …


Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Last Sunday morning I was making coffee when a piece of piano music came on the radio. It slowed me down to a standstill almost. After a quick Shazam I found it to be a guy called James Rhodes. I hadn’t thought of putting music to the video piece, until I heard the track. I looked him up, sent him an email, and he was delighted to be part of it, so thanks James. The album is called Bullets & Lullabies.

This is the video piece which is in the show My Way. If you’re seeing it out of context (as in not part of the show opening Sept 1st at Draíocht), let me know what you think. Hope it makes sense.


‘Tis Hung

Not much more to do. The prints are Lambda prints, 665 x 500 mm in editions of 8, sillicon mounted. I wanted a rich glossy feel, that is entwined with most fashion photography, along with the whole idea of reflection. The process has been quite a reflective one …

Betty S. 2011

Michael T. 2011

Monica A.D. 2011

My Way, Draíocht