I was lucky enough to have been photographer at one of the most glamorous parties I have ever been to. The setting was a masked ball in a castle in the depths of Meath. The castle is uninhabitable at present. Enter my better half Kevin. A whiz at dressing TV & film sets, he made it look pretty damn hot by the time of the party, and very very convincing.

A large crowd of feathers, masks and wide dresses waddled slowly through the space. Candle wax dripped from the chandeliers onto costumes, feathers tickled the cheeks of passers by, all to the the sounds and smells of a string quartet and burning candles.

More champagne please.

After a drinks reception and food, folk headed downstairs to a nightclub that appeared out of nowhere, as if by magic. Earlier, I had set up a photography studio in the smallest space possible. Theatre ensued.

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